Is dating a teacher always a pain?

I remember being on a date with someone and I recall her mentioning how she could never date a teacher.

I also dated someone who was going to school to be a teacher and she had an "I'm right you're wrong" syndrome where I am someone who will address a situation for what it is.

Is it always hard to date a teacher? I notice a huge chunk of online dating profiles are girls who are either teaching or going to school for teaching.


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  • I don't base anything on occupation (unless its something illegal) It all comes down to the person. Everyone differs personality wise. I can't see anything wrong with dating a teacher unless they used to be yours back in school. Then that would be wrong!


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  • Never dated a teacher, but there's a thing about teachers feeling a sense of superiority over others, not saying this is the case, I believe at looking at the person on the inside, and really someone's profession can either have nothing or everything to do with their personality, it depends on the person, so my advice to you would be to just see the person for who they are not for their profession.


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  • I seem to be one of very few on those sites that don't really care about a persons occupation or education as long as they work.

    A good number of women are also into nursing on those sites as well