Should I text him?

i texted my boyfriend this morning while he was at work (he said it would only take 3-4 hours) and he responded saying he was busy but he will text me later. 5 hours have passed :( and I've gotten no text and I don't know if I should text him or if it will seem annoying/ needy. He has posted one pic on fb 3 hours ago (I'm assuming lunch time). I don't like bothering him during work :(

would I seem annoying / needy if I texted him? we've been together for 6 months. and this is longest relationship I've been in. opinions?

should I just send him a cute text saying I miss you don't answer if you can't?


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  • pump the breaks. he's at work , lunch time he may not even be thinking of you. he could be talking with the boys got on a subject and boom next thing you know it's back to work. don't act clingy men hate being glued to there girl. my advice when he's at work and your alone at home or he's not around. enjoy that time alone, breath, don't worry, don't text, don't pester, just be, and enjoy your time apart. so you can better enjoy your time together.


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  • Text him when you know he's off work. Texting your boyfriend twice a day isn't needy to me. Or you could wait til you go to bed and text him a goodnight text or wait until tomorrow.

  • Go right ahead... send him a text letting him know you were thinking of him. what's wrong with making your mans head big? not a thing!