Did this guy delete my number or what?

I gave this guy who works at a store my number and a we texted a little bit before I stopped texting him because of a few personal reasons that came up. Two weeks later I saw him at the store and he remembered my name and was flirty and acted like normal and nothing ever happened. I decided to text him that night and he replied "who's this?" I was just really confused...did he delete my number? How should I respond to this situation?


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  • obviously he deleted it. I have done that before after I stopped talking to a girl and she messaged me some time after and I had the same response as him...my was longer than two weeks... perhaps you should have told him why you stopped texting him when you saw him at the store or at the time said something.

    • what did she say when you said who's this? I need help haha

    • i said I didnt..you changed your number haha..but I think she got the message and didn't text me again lol..also once I said I got a new phone and chick believed me..so you should prob just tell him why you stopped texting..he probably thought you werent interested anymore

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  • He either deleted it or he s as id who is this to lower your value to increase your want for.him.,by making him more of a challenge. Id just start over and take it day by day

  • Well you stopped texting him for two weeks, so he removed your number. Nothing really abnormal.


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