Was that a good or bad first date?

We laughed a lot and he gave me lots of compliments. However during the date he texted his brother a few times telling me his brothers car got vandalized.

He also said he think a lot of guys would be intimidated by me and my make a move. I told him I believe a real man should be able to stand up for himself if he likes a girl.

Our first date went for like 4 hours and at the end he stretch it by giving me a lift. When I left I hugged him in the car. He said lovely meeting you definitely will see you again.

No contact since then it's been almost 24 hrs


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  • Dates can be both good and bad, For example: I had a horrible first date with a guy I really liked then later, a pretty good one with a guy I ended up having no attraction for.

    Give it time. It is possible that he doesn't want to come off as needy. If he hasn't contacted you in more than 3 days, try asking if maybe he would like to do it again. Guys don't always have to make ALL the moves, plus, he'll know YOU are interested in seeing him again.