How should a guy act on a first date and all dates?

Any special or important things that we guys have to take note of. How would you like your man to act on a date?


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  • It really depends who she is and whether she actually likes-likes you or not. If she is shy, definitely don't do any cuddling/hugging ,etc on your first date.

    Usually and the best safest way is just talking to the girl. It's way too fast to be getting all touchy on the first date unless she is crazy for you(which is rare). So just act casual make her feel good, talk to her, get to know her- and make a 'warm nice' environment.

    If you do this right, a second date would be coming up

    Just act cool and don't get in a rush of things- it would only scare the girl off.

    Good Luck!

    p.s it might be a good idea just to give her a little gift. Everyone likes presents! :)- it would definitely make her feel welcome and it would be better for easier interactions later^^


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  • On a date don't be really embarrassing or loud. Just be a ware of body language and facial quest or that. Listen to what she says, and be calm and relaxed a bit. Don't really touchy rapey feelie. If it's the first couple of dates, pay. Make it definite that you want to see her again if you like her.


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  • I usually act really dorky and make a lot of jokes and smile like crazy lol.

    But you should try to be polite but not overly nice that comes off as a little desperate. And if you run out of things to talk about ask her about her boss, that topic seems to go on forever :P

  • Honestly they just want you to pay so they get free stuff. Just split the bill. If they don't like it it makes it obvious they don't like you and want things equal