Guys, would you try to re add your ex on Facebook if she deleted you?

I'm a bit confused about this... here's the background:

A guy and I dated around February this year, but it didn't work for many reasons. We only lasted 3 weeks. We talked and although he said he was okay with it ending, he resorted to stalking me and my friends, posting indirect stuff and having his friend white knight chat with me. I'll be honest, it really got on my nerves over time, but I tried to avoid replying/adding fuel to the fire.

Eventually, I started dating a different person (and he knows about it). Adding all that to the fact that there was nothing else to say or do, I ended up deleting him.

Months have passed, and today in the morning I find out he's just tried to add me again. I'm not sure why he would do that so I'm wondering.. what could he be up to? What reasons would you do that for if you were in a similar situation? I don't know if maybe I'm doing a big deal out of it, but I still find it weird/confusing, hence this question.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Well, I ended up rejecting his request shortly after posting this, and proceeded to live my life.. only to find he just tried to add me again.

So you won't leave me alone and move on, right? Fine, you win! I won't keep hiding (can't anyway since we're in the same uni) so I accepted him and directly asked what's going on.
He said how it was a scumbag move of me to delete him, to which I replied with all my arguments, to which he replied he was angry back then but didn't care about me anymore. Well that's awesome by me, but what do you want then!? How come we're in the midst of freaking October and you add me TWICE after I deleted you? That's what I get for forgetting to block him.


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  • Well, I'd never be in his situation because I'd never obsess about a girl that way that he died, nor ever stalk a girl or her friends for any reason. Anyway, I'd never try to add a girl after she deleted me, especially if I believed that I did nothing wrong. In fact, I've had a girl that I liked delete me as her friend, and, to top it off, it was about 3 weeks after having wrote this nice, long message wishing me a happy birthday on my wall. I assume that means she either mistook something or has emotional problems, and I'd like to try and explain somethings that she may have mistook. But, whatever, if she wants to act like a child, I'm not going to indulge her. So she'd have to add me, since she deleted me. I know that this is only tangentially related to your situations (you definitely weren't acting like a child when you deleted him; you were more than justified); but I hope that you can draw comparisons to his crazy behavior and my logical behavior. In other words, he's a wacko. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest lol.

    • Glad it helped you let it out a bit, heh. Agreed, our situations are related but quite different. I stand by your decision though, there's no reason to add her back if she deleted you -specially if it was for no apparent reason.

      As for him, I don't get it. It's even creepy somehow. I could message him to see if he just wants a friendly truce or something... but judging by his past actions and the aftertaste of it all, I don't buy it. Maybe I should block him this time and call it a day.


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  • I don't know it would depend on how well we knew each other and such , if I didn't know them very well I likely wouldn't worry about being friends on Facebook , there wouldn't be much point unless I liked looking at her pictures cause its doubtful I'd ever talk to her

  • He's probably trying to find out what you've been/or are upto. Or he just wants to be friends with you again with no sneaky stuff behind it. Depends with how you have been relating in the past months


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  • Just ignore him and block him the best way and leave him off

  • Still interested