Should I text a guy I met two years ago?

I met a guy 2 years ago at a party. He got my number and he would text me, it was always him texting me. He ask me a couple timee on a date but I was always busy on the days he could. Eventually he stop texting me. A year later I ran into him at another party. He said I would always make excuses to not hang out, and that he got the hint that's why he stopped texting. That night I spend the night at his place because my friends left me stranded. We didn't have sex, we only kissed(we also hooked up the night we met). He was really nice the next morning he even offer me to take me home (I live 2 hrs away) after that he never again text me. This happen a year ago. Like 2 weeks ago a messaged him on fb. It was the usual how you been etc etc. Last week he text me inviting me to movie night with his friend, which I was not able to go. We exchaged a couple texts. Then I stopped texting him, there was not much to reply and I was busy. What do you think it meant that he invited me. And should I text him? He seems like a nice guy and I would like him as a friend if nothing happens between us.


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  • he clearly he likes you. it seems clear that he has asked you out multiple times and you've said no due to being busy... I think you should initiate something and ask him to hang out at some time

    • but after the last time I saw him I texted him that I got home same. he told me to text him when I got home. he never responded or anything

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    • yes but that's your dad you probably see him everyday lol. This is a guy that had showed interest in me and never again text me till now, a year later

    • nope I see my dad once a week or so. this goes even beyond my most people just want the text message to know you got home. sometimes they don't even wait up to see the text. It's really not a big deal that he didn't text back...really not

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  • He invited you cause you had a nice time previously. Go ahead, text him and see, might make him smile

  • well he obviously wants to see you..and you keep blowing him off. Eventually he'll get tired of it.

  • Playing hard to get for two years : over 9000.


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