Going on a date with my ex.

ok so she broke up with me and since the break up I've been doing a lot of changing and I think she noticed, our mutual friend said she still has feelings for me and is just afraid I Haven't changed. but after almost a month since we broke up I asked her out for drinks and she said yea and seems happy about it. my questions are how should I do this? what are some do's and don'ts? if I still love her and want a 2nd chance how do I play this out. how do I get her intrested in me in that way again? or if she does in fact still have feelings for me how do I bring them out? should I try to bring them out? I just don't want to mess this up.


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  • take it slow. It can be easy to fall back in your old roles when you were in a relationship.

    • see the thing is I've been trying to put the cart in front of the horse so to say by wanting to get a 2nd chance at the relationship. but really I know I need to fix the friendship before starting to fix the relationship...my fear is if I fix the friendship and get stuck there...i want to fix the friendship so I can fix the relationship and get a 2nd chance. I think getting stuck in the friend zone might hurt me worse then I am now. that is what I fear

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    • Ask questions, try to find out details.


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  • Just don't be nervous, everything will turn out smoothly. Try to be kind and sweet to her. Show her you really care about her. But also try not be so suffocating as well.

  • How long did you date?

    • I wouldn't want to date an ex personally.

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    • So yes I'd say keep it light for now, especially if this is the first get together since the break up.

    • You could tell her you still care about her, I don't know if I'd immediately go down the I love you road though

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