We made out. Does he like me?

So about 2 weeks ago, I went out with my brother and some of his friends. His one friend has found me attractive for 3 years now but has never actually told me (I found out by my brother and his other friends). After talking for a while we went outside the bar and we were cuddling and then when we were all leaving, I ended up leaving with him and we were all going to get something to eat. Well, we ended up cuddling in the car and didn't even get out to eat and then he kissed me which became an hour long make out session. He tried to do more but I wouldn't let it go past that at that moment and he respected that. On the way driving me home, he held my hand the whole time and kept kissing it. We didn't have each others numbers so we had no way to communicate after. I went out last week and got his number from his friend and asked him to come out and he said he was sick and wasn't coming out. So I said nothing back and then 2 days ago he texted me and apologized for not coming out because he was feeling really crappy and I texted him back and he never replied back and I haven't heard from him. I don't know if he's ignoring me because he's my brothers friend and he didn't want to cross that line or what. I'm just a little confused and I don't want to keep texting and nagging him if he doesn't like me back. Should I just let it go and forget about the whole thing or just let it play out?


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  • No he doesn't like you, he just wanted to feel your face with his mouth.


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  • Based upon it being 2 weeks and you haven't done anything since, sorry, it doesn't seem like he likes you.