Is this considered cheating?

If you have something with someone online, but decide to also start dating with people in real life, since the person online isn't here yet, would that be considered cheating?

consider the person in question hasn't ever really dated before, and met the person online who believes is their soulmate, but decides to date real people to get experienced, not for anything serious. And when the person from online finally comes, you are not so inexperienced with the whole dating thing.

Is it cheating?

and no the person from online doesn't know about this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • the only time I think it's cheating is if there is an understanding that two people are together and not dating other people. not sure but it doesn't sound like you are in that sort of situation.

    so I wouldn't say cheating. but I would so that it is not good form to perpetuate whatever relationship there is with the online person while dating someone else...but not cheating


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What Guys Said 2

  • You are not soulmates with anyone online.

    Yes, you are cheating if the one person is expecting exclusivity but another person is doing something clandestine.

    Putting it another way...if you wouldn't do it in front of the guy - it's likely cheating.

  • its not really cheating if your not in a relationship with them yet , doesn't sound like there is anything serious going on with online person and people doing online dating routinely communicate with multiple people anyways


What Girls Said 1

  • It is impossible to determine if someone is your "soul mate" simply through meeting them online.

    That being said, unless you and said "soul mate" have agreed not to see other people then no, it isn't cheating.