Girls, would you agree to hang out with a guy if you didn't like him?

This girl told me we should hang out so we exchanged numbers. She will talk to me in person and we crack each other up and have fun but in text, well, she doesn't seem too enthusiastic and her answers are kinda short.

I thought maybe she changed her mind and didn't want to hang out and I asked her, and she said yes and that it sounded good. How should I interpret her lack of enthusiasm with texts? I mean we talk all the time but sometimes I wonder if she is just being nice or what?


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  • She might just not like texting. Since she said yes to hanging out, I assume she is interested.

    • I guess so. I just asked her today (just to make sure) and still said yes, so that could be the case..

    • try hanging out then and see how it goes!


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  • I'm the most boring texter on the planet but in person in different and if I really like a guy I'm still a boring texter lol that's just how I am and that's probley like that girl

  • Yes, but only with a group of friends present. Some girls just aren't enthusiastic texters!


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