White American dating versus Black American dating. What do you think?

I am a black American and I am interested in dating some White American women. However, approaching black women and white women is completely different..

For example white women seem to always act strange/weird when I approach them and I'm talking about before I even really get into conversation. There eyes be like O.O. or something white women act kind of scared or something.

I don't know what it is. I go to a university so it not uncommon to see girls in passing... sometimes I am like hey wassup and then she responds nicely but when I try to further the conversation with something like how are you doing? Its like then they look at me like "umm why are you talking to me" or creeped out or something.

Versus a black American tend to be receptive to conversation and what you do with that conversation is typically the deciding factor

White women it seems like they are creeped/weirded out by the very notion of being approached.

So my question is what advice do you have to either help me understand white woman better or approach white women better? Why do I generally get those reactions? It seem like its hard to just walk up to a white girl and start up some conversation


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  • they don't want some random black guy approaching them. unless you have social proof. if you're an acceptable member of their peer group (a token clean cut black guy that is friends with their friends) or rich or notably popular/high status they won't really accept you.


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  • See which ones are interested in entertaining you as a friend, the same ones will be more likely to date you.

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  • The thirst is real...

    Anyways, being black is a big disadvantage because well, black men don't have the best track record.

    But I guess you could stop saying "wassup"

    I'm part black and the way black guys approach girls annoys me in general.

    • okkk... are you going to offer any advice on what "to do"

    • Act normal and act civilized. "Hi, how are you? my name is yippidyyap. What's your name?"

    • dang is that not too forward/formal which is a lot of pressure? or no? A more relax approach is not good?

  • Hey, you like what you like. I'm a black female who have always found white men sexy. If she's not interested in you then send her on her way and move up to the bigger and better one. There are plenty of white women who love black men. Good luck

  • Well, it could be that...

    1. They're shy or awkward when it comes to guys

    2. They are the type of white person who subconciously stereotypes black men and it makes them uncomfortable that you're giving them that attention.

    or there could be something about your approach that turns them off like perhaps you have a look in your eye that is too eager or intense and it comes off as rapey.


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  • A lot of us white American guys have the same problem with white girls, we don't understand them either! Hope you get some good answers!

  • lol What a surprise!

    Can't believe you're having much trouble. You can't win 'em all. No one does. Just keep at it, I guess.