Would I want to be the rebound girl?

He just broke up with his girlfriend the day before we met. At a bar. We danced and kissed, but we also talked a lot. We were both sober. He mention his recent break up. Now I feel bad doing those things with him the day after he JUST had a break up. He wants to hang out with me sometime. I don't know if I should given his situation. I don't think he's ready (duh), and I wouldn't want to be the rebound girl. Nothing good comes out of it, in my part at least.

What do you think?


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  • Remember your name! Ladysooodivine well then why would you worry! My personal opinion I really don't believe in rebounds just because you are the first person someone dates after a relationship doesn't mean it won't be meaningful or possibly even work out. Although I do believe there should be a waiting period after a break-up because people now days so often go back to their exes. If it's been more than a month I think it's totally ok but anything less is not the greatest idea.

    • You may be right about "rebounds" not even existing. Seems to me that people who like short term relationships are more likely to be in them - and quickly after the last one, which creates the rebound idea when time off wouldn't have mattered.

    • Hmm yea I should give him like a time relapse (lol). Besides, I think it was just "fun time", whatever happened that night. I think I should just leave it at that :)


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  • I think its way too soon to try to have a relationship with this guy. After just one day apart from his old girlfriend, who knows? He may just go back with her. You can keep talking with him to see where it goes, but don't get your hopes up yet. He definitely needs more time apart from her, to forget her.


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  • Don't be the rebound girl! He's obviously not over his girlfriend and they could get back together any day now and you could get hurt but if your really interested in him give it some time and be the girlfriend not the replacement