Why do you think some people procrastinate or can't self motivate? Do you think it is something inborn/learned?

I am very bad at motivating myself, I will do the work, and I will make progress, but I always leave it until it's necessary to do it. If I really want to I can start or get things done early, but it never feels right to do it that way. I think that I am better at doing it closer to the due date/finish date then I am if I take my time and do it over time. I think that I like to just get it done quicky rather than spend all my time and effort over the course of the date the task is given or thought about to the time when it definitely needs to be done. How about you? why do you think people cannot self motivate or procrastinate?


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  • It's probably a combination of things Steve. Human nature is maybe the biggest factor in procrastination. Laziness is also another. Many of us (me included) believe that we work better under pressure and at the last minute. I don't think that is true. Maybe a small % of people do but frankly I don't believe so. Some organized and disciplined people are good at setting goals and reaching them in a timely manner. Having better sleeping habits, doing things the same time every day and being organized and motivated is the key. I firmly believe in good nutrition and good sleeping habits. The silly saying "early to bed early to rise makes a man (or women) healthy wealthy and wise" rings very true in my opinion. 5 stars

    • why thank you Mr. Anonymous man!

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    • no, I have been on for maybe a year, not moderator.

    • Gotcha, I think I recall seeing you on here anyhow. Hope I helped a little bit.


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  • It pretty much depends on my mood at that time. If I feel lazy then I procrastinate but if I feel motivated to get things done and just to get off work then I work my ass off at it!


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  • Ya I'm exactly the same way. It's difficult for me to do things these days very far in advance of the due date. Sometimes the pressure of having to get the job done makes my brain work harder to be more creative and come up with the right answer/the best thing to say