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I need some dude advice. So I started dating this guy I met online. We went out Tuesday and then hung out Thursday. All last week he texted pretty much non stop, but I know his boss was out of town and work was slow. On Thursday, we hung out at his place and fooled around but we didn't have sex. Things went well and Friday everything seemed normal. He didn't text a lot the rest of the weekend, but I knew he was out of town. The past few days he's texted a few times (he initiated convo) but that was it. He did say he had a crazy week at work. The other weird thing is that last night he deleted his dating profile but it was back this morning. Any thoughts?


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  • Sounds like he is losing interest in you for an unknown reason. Not sure if you're not moving sexually fast enough because a lot of guys online are indeed just looking for sex. Thing is, those types usually talk about sex non-stop though.

    The only other possibility I can think of is that you're not initiating texts/calls with him meaning he feels you're not interested in him(this kinda goes in part with not being sexual enough). So he could have waited over the weekend to see if you'll initiate and since you didn't, he is moving on. I actually drop several girls online for this very reason because it shows whether or not the interest is mutual or one-sided.


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  • Don't expect too much to happen with this guy...throw him in the friend zone and leave him there.

    Trust me.

  • I think as long as he is still texting you he is interested and trying to keep communication open. I really wouldn't judge his level of interest from the amount of texts he is sending. And it is posible he doesn't want to seem too desperate.