Are guys afraid to date women who are taller than them?

Do you think a guy fears if he cheats on a woman (who is taller than him) once she finds out she might could physically beat him up and win the fight? Of course if he wouldn't cheat then he wouldn't be in that situation and surely no man shouldn't have to be afraid of any woman or anybody.

Do you also believe, he would feel weird dating a tall woman because society is not ready to accept that? He might think, if both him and her were seen out in public, people would stare at them in a odd way.


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  • Personally, no I do tend to date shorter girls as it's my preference... But I dated a tall girl because she was hot as hell, she wasn't intimidating at all. For me attitude is what could be more imitating, I find it intimidating to talk to girls who are irritable... mainly because you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot.


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  • The only thing I know about women and height is that they prefer a guy who is taller than them.

  • Well I don't cheat so it's not a concern... I also know how to fight well, so again not a concern... I don't put up with women that would hit me, so again not a concern... All that out of the way, I just don't think women taller then 6'3" are all that attractive... lol

  • Physically, I prefer girls that are taller than me. Unfortunately, most of them have very very deep insecurities about their height.

  • I'm not afraid. In fact, the first girl I ever asked out, and the only girl I've ever truly loved, was taller than me.

  • I am a tall fella so yes I would be afraid to date a taller lass

    • Why be afraid? Shouldn't that hurt you're pride as a man if you fear tall women?

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    • instead of being afraid, more like just find it odd

    • You have a big set of internet bollocks I gather. Awfully cheeky I see.