Is he just not a kisser?

How can I get my boyfriend to kiss more? Sometimes we go a few dates with maybe one or two quick kisses. During sex we hardly ever kiss most of the time we don't. I am a kissing type and I almost feel as if I forgot how to even kiss because of this. I have told him and he always says he agrees we should kiss more but I don't see improvement. Any tips?


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  • just kiss each other already! how do you get to sex without some 4play? The only time my boyfriend and I had sex without kissing was when I was getting over being sick and my doctor told me that I probably shouldn't kiss him... but we got horny so we still had sex and held each other lol...Do you cuddle? Run your fingers through his hair and hold him face him and give him that I want you stare... He should plant a passionate one on your lips if you do that... if not then make them move on him... taking a bath or shower together usually helps get things started

    • We basically do everything imaginable almost except for kissing. He will kiss my shoulders, my back, and other areas. Just everywhere but my lips.

    • weird


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  • get some sexy breath mints and initiate the kisses

    • It's actually to the point now where I go in for a kiss and then remember he doesn't like it and back away. And then sometimes he will go in for one after he realizes I just looked dumb doing that. So it's kind of that I am over thinking it and I hate that because I love kissing.

  • Kiss him :). If he doesn't come to you, go to him... At some point he'll start doing it too.