Did I say something wrong?

So I met this guy online and we've been texting back and fourth everyday for about 4 days. he usually texts first and is always really cute and sweet. we have a lot in common and I've been straight forward with how interesting I think he is and how I'd really like to meet him. then today I texted him first just saying it was snowing where I was and he was really short and blunt and really made it seem like he didn't want to talk to me... do you think I said something wrong, I was pretty flirty with him but I wasn't being weird or coming on too strong or anything. were supposed to meet in a week but now I don't know...


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  • Seems like you blew it oh well men live this everyday so don't feel too bad.


What Girls Said 1

  • so you haven't met him in person yet? stop stressin he may not even be your type in person.