Why is it okay for guys to be "visual creatures" but not girls?

It annoys me so much. All my life most guys care a lot about appearance and only want to date girls that are super hot when questioned about that the excuse is I'm visual, I can't date a girl without being attracted to her, even here you read loads of times guys saying that I'm a visual creature she needs to be attractive, even in real life all my guy friends go after girls way out of their league without giving the time of the day to a slightly less attractive girl I'm okay with that what annoys me is that people call me shallow and superficial and judge me a lot for only dating hot guys. It's true that most of the times I reject guys but that's because I'm not attracted to them.Guys think I should give a chance to other guys but these are the same guys that only go for hot girls. Why can't I be also a visual creature. This annoys me a lot how judgmental people and specially guys are of my dating preference.


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  • Girls can wear make-up, though. An average girl can look hot with the right make-up. Girls also carry excess weight better than guys do. It's much harder for a guy to be hot.

    That said, I don't think it's wrong to want to date only hot guys, as long as you're honest about it. You must be trying to aggravate people, if you're getting negative reactions. Most people don't care about other people's preferences unless they're constantly proclaiming them.

    • Also, guys are generally less demanding in areas other than looks. They don't care about career/ambition, humour, strength, confidence. Perhaps, if you're demanding all the things that girls generally demand of a guy PLUS looks, you're coming across as demanding. The question has to be asked, if a guy has all those things, what do you have to offer? I think most girls take pride in being tter than their boyfriends in some aspects, one major aspect being looks.

    • *better


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  • Who's calling you shallow and superficial? Is it the average joe you just shot down? His friend? Don't worry about it. He's just butthurt.

    Women (all women) place some priority on what a guy looks like. I mean seriously. You aren't thinking about how funny we are when you masturbate.

    Tell them you're allowed to have standards, and while you may care about how a guy looks, it doesn't mean that's the only thing you care about. You also care about humor, confidence, intelligence, etc.

  • Be visual it is your life not theirs so why does there opinion hold so much weight to you?

  • Brain chemistry : need to compare, to explore, to compete. Everything explained by endocrinology

    deal with it


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  • 1) It's called hypocrisy.

    2) No one has the right to criticize you for only dating people you're attracted to (that IS kind of how it works- why would you go out with someone you don't find attractive?). ESPECIALLY if the only reason they're criticizing you is because they're not getting what they want. That is called a temper tantrum.

    3) If you did date someone you were not attracted to, that would make your character questionable, as it could be seen as you stringing along someone that you KNEW had feelings for you (and for whom you were absolutely certain you didn't feel the same way).

    Those 3 things being said, I don't agree with the idea that there's people who are inherently superior to others (a requirement if 'leagues' were to have any justifiably objective reason for being assigned). Either you are attracted to a person, or you're not. Just because you (and maybe the person next to you both agree that someone is less attractive than yourself (or not attractive at all), that neither elevates you or diminishes them.

  • Did some "nice guy" tell you that? You'd be surprised how many guys are aware and accepting of the fact that women want a guy that's good looking.