Would guys be superficial and only think to date if she had a prettier face?

So guys do you most of the time choose to date chicks with no acne what so ever, or scarring from acne. Compared to choosing one with that. Correct, you have to find her attractive. And is that an immediate turn off?. And how about smile, I know most guys prefer a pretty straight teeth smile. So how about the chicks with crooked teeth? Would they be tossed out of potential dating based on that? Let me know guys I'd like to know where you stand on this.


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  • Acne isn't ideal, but it is a part of life. Crooked teeth is also very common, especially as we get older and our mouths change shape. As long as you don't have stained or damaged teeth it isn't as likely to be a problem. Guys might prefer a perfect face, but most men are happy to settle for women that we actually have a shot with. A guy with a perfect face is less likely to have to settle for a less than perfect partner.


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  • There are plenty of women to whom I never thought that I would be attracted, but I became attracted after getting to know them. You need to make an effort and do the best that you can, but a great personality (especially a great sense of humor) can overcome just about any deficit.

  • It depends on overall attraction. Personality is important too.

  • I know a girl with acne scars all around her face and she has a boyfriend who looks like a model. Girls on the other hand hate guys like me who aren't model looking

    • Only the girls who are shallow, and don't have a mind of there own

    • So pretty much all girls who refuse to allow me to talk to them because I'm ugly . 350 girls+

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