How awkward online dating is. Has anyone else felt this way?

Has anyone else felt this way? I mean, it's one thing to ask out a girl in class or something, someone you've actually talked to and not found to be weird or anything.

Online--it's like, how much more awkward can things be? I've met two girls off online, one didn't look like her picture, the other was tired or regretting meeting or something and talked almost none at all. So now a girl I've been texting a month wanted to meet and I canceled because I'm anticipating more of the horribleness of the last times I've dated (online and off) and didn't want to deal with that...


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  • First of all I wouldn't ever trust anybody online... There are too many liars with fake pictures.

    Secondly if you are planning on meeting anybody from online you don't just rely on ONE picture... I'd want to see more than just one and after that at least see them ONCE On CAM to verify the pictures are in fact them (at the least)

    Thirdly if upon meeting the person, he/she doesn't look at all like the picture you saw, I'd end that meeting as quickly as possible. If they lie about that, I'm not even interested in knowing anything else.

    Lesson: Don't meet people relying on solely one picture. That's creepy! They could be a psycho serial killer for all you know.


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  • Yes it's awkward and different. I've done it for 3 years. Out of the maybe 30 dates I went on about 5 of them were good. 3 of them turned into something.

    It takes practice honestly. You will eventually learn to read people faster. Some people just want sex, others don't look like there pictures, etc. It will get better.

  • Honestly I can tell you I don't do online dating. I feel its ridiculous. I would much rather meet someone in person. All of my friends who did meet someone online the person turned out to be horrible so I do not advise it.


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  • It can have it's setbacks, I've really only experienced it through having random requests or adding random people through social networking... I've had one experience which wasn't what I'd call bad, but it was a bit awkward... The girl wasn't exactly how I thought she'd be, but she was still a nice person. Other than that I've been lucky, I've dated four/five girls who I'd arranged to go out with before even seeing them in person... I've actually turned up at about three of them and the girl was just totally out of my league in all respects. Some of them have been my longest relationships and they're still my friends. I'd admit at the start for me it was very slow going, I mean there was interest but it didn't go anywhere. Just took me a while to get into any kind of flow I guess.