Would it be best to cancel the date or ignore him until he gets the message?

I recently met this guy online, he's from Tennessee I'm from South Carolina. We talked for about a month then he invited me to go with him to a John Mayer concert near where I live because he could meet me. We agreed to split the cost of the tickets. I went ahead and bought them myself because I did really want to go to the concert. However, I have seen a change in this guy's behavior. The best way to put it is he can't handle emotions well. I notice if I disagree with anything he says, he gets an attitude and gets very defensive. I've changed my mind completely about going with him now because I don't want a relationship or even to date anyone like this. Should I tell him I'm cancelling going to the concert with him or ignore him completely?


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  • Tell him you don't have any money because of the government shutdown.

    • haven't you heard...the government is reopened. pay attention!


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  • If I were in your situation, I would cancel the upcoming date, then ignore him if he continues to contact you.

  • Tell him that you dislike his behavior and couldn't go out with a man like that.

    Whether he gets angry or defensive over it then you'll know that he's not the guy you need. Ignore him.

    Whether he accepts criticism then you may give him a chance...


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  • The polite thing to do is to tell him. Ignoring is easier but it's mean. Be firm and don't let him talk you out of your decision.