One step away from being a stalker

So I've really been wanting to hang out with my old best friend but he has either forgotten or just not texted me back. I told him we should hangout before Tuesday but he hasn't hit me up. I don't want to seem desperate and keep texting him first... At the same time I want him in my life anyways and I jus don't care. He definitely doesn't put in as mug effort as me. The idea of just letting him go makes me really depressed.


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  • I know that the idea of letting him go makes you depressed, but you have to think about it logically. The more you cling to a guy, the farther you push him away. If he hasn't responded to your text, then just wait it out -- be patient. I do this with guys all the time and eventually they text you back. He might be busy, or an emergency came up. Give it a few days. If a guy wants to talk to you, then he will talk to you. You can't make a horse drink. :)

    • I asked him to hangout anyway and he didn't reply.:(

    • Then I'm sorry, but he probably just doesn't want to hang out then. :(