Online Dating Sites, what's out there?

Thinking about getting back into dating after taking more then a year off to get my life straight after a divorce. I have online dated before and would like to do it again. I DO NOT prefer POF. Do you know or have you used any other free dating site? Was your experience a good one? Interested in what else besides POF is out there...


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  • OKCupid has more a more in depth profile format and tries to match you based on %'s compared to POF which seems to just throw tons of photos at you. I've had mixed experienced from both pof and okc. I have it's paid), but I have been on one date out of the six months I've been on it. I can email back and forth on all these, but girls always seem to get cold feet when it comes to meeting in person.

    • Hmmm, I don't usually talk to someone online unless I would be interested in meeting them. Thanks for your reply.


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  • OK cupid should work... it's free and you will receive more messages in one hour than men will in an entire year.

  • I'm guessing you met your husband on pof yeah? Try, okcupid, or zoosk.

    • Actually met him on Match years ago and no-it was not good lol. But I dated some off of POF last year and they really seemed to have issues and more drama then women have, which is why I stepped out of the dating scene for awhile. Tired of the games and wanted to get my life straightened out. Thanks

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