Is this girl just too nice to let me go?

This girl who I used to live in the same apartment complex with was walking past me and we smiled and waved at each other and I asked her if she was still living in her apartment from last year and she said yes. She said that I should come over sometime so It texted her later saying that I actually would like to hang out with her and her roommate sometime. She never texted back. Then I ran into her at the gym and she still waved and said hey to me. I don't get her...


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  • I think you should find a way to see if that number you had is still a working number! :O Or she didn't read the text. It happens. Maybe you should text her again asking if this number was her since it has been a long time or something like that! :P

    I don't think she is ignoring you or anything. I think she just simply didn't notice the text or that is not her number anymore. Sometimes when I get a bunch of texts at the same time I reply to one and didn't see the other one that was pushed up depends on her phone and how well she checks all of her notifications! :O


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  • She likes you as a neighbor. As a boyfriend, she's not interested.. Not everyone is our type.. Am sure there are girls that seem very nice to you but you wouldn't care to date them. Just smile back.. wave... and move on. Hugz.

  • Maybe she didn't get your message in the first place. Perhaps it might be worth asking her to hang out face to face rather than over text. That way, you'll know she has got your message. It doesn't seem like she's trying to ignore you intentionally, if she's waving and saying hi when she sees you. She sounds like a nice girl who would be worth pursuing a friendship with :)


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