If a guy you have been dating used to text you everyday now texts you every other day? Losing interest?

or am I over thinking it

For the past 4 months he has been pretty much keeping in contact with me almost on a daily basis. So if he is now contacting me lets say every other day

Is it a sign of losing interest

Or why would a guy do this?


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  • Unfortunately, that's how my last guy that I was dating ended things. We used to talk on a daily basis and then one week it turned into every other day which then the next week eventually faded out. Wasn't even man enough to tell me face to face until I had asked. Best of luck & hopefully this isn't your situation! Just be upfront, it's the best way...no one likes games


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  • I think so(.losing interest)..if they like you a lot they want to hear from you at least once a day,u are on here asking because deep down inside you know this may be the case,im sorry,guys are flakes

  • Maybe he is getting close to his text limits for the month