He texted me first! Any text experts?

he texted me first then I replied to him after 2 days! it's been 12 hours now and he still hasn't replied yet

he said "hi" and I said "low"


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  • Did you purposely wait? I don't know anyone that doesn't check their phone for 12 hours. Always fun to send back a funny but not after 12 hours. Situation of course all depends on how long you've known this person etc. I'v had friends reply next day but not someone I text on a regular basis. Those friends if they responded back 12 hours later with a joke on what I said I'd take that as I was not interested in talking to you. And yeah I probably wouldn't even reply.


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  • He obviously is disappointed that it took you so long to reply. So in order to show you that he isn't desperate and needy he tries to make you feel bad. But if I were him I wouldn't probably wait that long if I had gotten your text. Its just bullsh*t how much thought people put into these things. Just man up.


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  • You probably shouldn't have waited so long to reply to him! And you didn't ask him a question so he doesn't really have to reply to you now

  • He might be waiting to make it appear that he's as busy as you, so not to appear desparate.

    What was the conversation if I may ask?

    • he just said "hi" and I replied "low" HAHAHA

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    • we don't have something to say to each other, because we only know each other by face

    • Ahhh, he might've just been trying to start up a conversation but because you took too long to reply he doesn't really care anymore.