Should I go visit her at her hometown without warning?

To make her a surprise at the train station of her town and making a phone call from there asking her to come or not? Creeptown? We live 150 km away (In totaly different parts of my country), we communicate a lot on FB chat, sometimes I call her, but due to medical school our schedules are jam-packed and there is really no time for dating, went actually on a few dates she enjoyed them. We can discuss any topic together, I never have experienced this before, she fells like a soul mate to me. Since I am very shy did not go for a kiss still. Will man up soon if I have a chance. Recently had a flame-war with her, I started it due to my suspicions, I ended for apologising, because I suffered, she forgave. But I still have a feeling that something is wrong and want to apologize in person. Want to add that she is very inteligent, shy and well raised by her parents.


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  • No, no. A surprise visit will make her feel stalked. Work it out on the phone or on Skype.


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