If you're sent on a date with your lover, would you want the old guy from the eHarmony commercials with you?

In those eHarmony commercials, you always see that old man with the glasses going on dates with young people, does that make him seem creepy?

Do you think maybe back when he was younger, he couldn't get women to go out on dates with him so he's reliving his youth. It kind of makes you feel sorry for him.

Of course I don't really mean all these things about him "I'm just being funny", in real life, he's getting paid lots of money to do a commercial

Anyway, what would you think if the eHarmony guy was on a date with you and your lover?

I didn't ment to say "if you sent on a date woth your lover" I ment to say if you went on a date with your lover.


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  • I wouldn't mind. If she's a bore, I'm sure that guy has some interesting stories.


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  • its a commercial and yes I would l1ove for him to come along because I would be part of that commercial and I would get paid to be in it:)

  • The mental picture is hilarious! To play along with this idea the date could be interesting. It has the possibility to be better or much worse but I hope I never have to find out. XD


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  • Haha. No. I think I can handle my date without him. If she knows who he is and sees him seeing across from our table or something, she would be creeped out, and think that I invited him on purpose to help me with her. I don't want that to happen.