Thinking about online dating, anyone try it?

I recently finished college, got a job, and settling with life. But I want to find someone to share it with. I have a few friends who've found love online and I've been thinking about trying it out. What have I got to loose? If I don't find anyone I'll just keep looking elsewhere, right? I'm not one for bar scenes or clubs and I'm not really one to party. Anyone ever try online dating? Any words of encouragement?


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  • My boyfriend and I met online, through a mutual friend. He lives about 8 hours away. I will warn you. It is A LOT of hard work. But it can work out. Just be safe, look out for red flags, and try to get someone closer to you. If you can't, just be strong.

    A lot of people warned me not to date him, including my parents, because of him being online. It's the best decision of my life honestly. I am a person who is very down on herself. He has been the only person I've ever been able to count on in my entire life. He is my best friend, and I honestly am 100% in love with him, and he's in love with me, too, and he shows it through actions and words. So it CAN work. :)

    • LMAO hard work for women? Before you even put up a photo you will have more messages than men get in a year... I am serious about that too.

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    • Oh trust me I know. I suffer from really bad social anxiety issues. I'm scared of simply ordering a meal at a fast food place.

    • I might not be that scared but I'm shy a bit


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  • I think it is a valid option especially for today's electronic enhanced culture. There are a wide range of people on there. You will no doubt get a fair amount of vulgar messages but that doesn't mean they are all bad you just have to search around. Note that there are other ways to meet people online besides simple dating sites. Even still you have nothing to lose getting to talk to people you might meet someone genuine. Just be careful that you realize that not everyone is what they say they are online. Otherwise it is kind of nice.

  • I mean I kind of want to try it I am kind of shy and stuff. I think you should I mean I don't like bars and stuff either.


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  • yes I have dated men online which l1asted a couple of years was an hour away so after two years he couldn't remain faithful1,and the second guy after a year,ended up being a cheater as well only local, then I dated one for 3 years he was ok,online is a little different in that you can weed out smokers or whatever preferences you have then get to know them,meet them in person at a publ1ic pl1ace as soon as you can so you can make sure the person in the pic is legit and to see if there's a real attraction.good luck..

  • Talk to muiltple guys at one time