This guy is begging for a date.

I already told him I don't want to but he's begging me and trying to convince me to go on just one date with him. Do I really have to get mean to get my point across? I declined politely. I barely know him and I already told him I'm dating someone else casually right now.


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  • If you are declining too nicely he may think you are playing hard to get. You may need to get mean with him, but before that just try telling him a very firm no. If he keeps on after that you may need to act more aggressive with him.

    I would not advise going on the date. If you go out with a guy and he finds out you really never liked him, he is likely to blame you for using him. This guys ego is strong enough to handle several rejections already so your getting mean is unlikely to cause him serious harm. Still it would be best to avoid having to get mean if you can help it.

    They way he is trying to break down your will to get you to go out with him gives me the impression that he knows how to manipulate women pretty well. I could be wrong and he might be a sweet guy that just has it bad for you, but he sounds like the wrong type of guy to get involved with either way.

    • I told him several reasons as to why. And he keeps on making up reasons as to why I should and stuff. I won't go on the date. I barely know him and I wasn't attracted. I think it's the latter. He seemed nice but I don't want the clingy dependent sh*t.


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  • No don't go with him if you don't want to, cause if you do go and then you don't go with him again it would upset him more, maybe you should approach him and ask to talk, explain as nicely as possible that you are not interested in him, he will get the message, and if he doesn't then yes then get a bit more forward on the subject. good luck

  • If you told him your dating someone else and he is still asking you out tell him that you are going to stop speaking to him because he can not respect you enough to let your relationship play out.


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