Is he playing head games?

Ok, so their is this guy who I like a lot. Sometimes I think he feels the same and wants to date me but other times I just don't know. He will tell me I am so amazing, and beautiful, and smart, how he loves talking to me,etc. He also doesn't live by me, but he (supposedly ) is moving back really soon. He will say things like we can finally start hanging out all of the time, no more phone games, blah blah blah. But like, then I won't hear from him. Like il text him once or twice and if no reply I won't text him again , and a few times he accused me of ignoring him , and he said he wasn't sure if I was playing hard to get. He knows I like him , I told him flat out and he smiled... told me he thinks I'm amazing , and beautiful but never actually said I like you too. Also besides his not saying it , and his dropping off the face of the Earth (sometimes a week, once in a while more than that), he came for a visit and we had plans to hangout and I tried getting touch with him on the day we were to hang and never heard back, that night I heard from him and he claims he texted me and sent me a forwarded message he sent (never got an original). When I said that I thought he stood me up and made other plans he bugged and turned it all around on me. The date he's moving here for good keeps changing too, I know for a fact he really is moving here, but the fact that the date keeps changing is questionable. I confronted him once about all of this and he swore up and down he is not playing head games and said his phone service sucks and that calls and texts don't always go through and it happens with his mom too, and that he wouldn't do that to me and I'm amazing blah blah, blah, but who knows with him. I need some outside advice please. Everyone that knows us either says give him the benefit of the doubt , or he's playing head games .


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  • Well, games or not, it's not a good sign that he doesn't mean what he says, nor is he dependable enough for you to rely on him.

    And even worse, instead of admitting that there's a problem, he goes and gives excuses. Never mind if his phone service really is haywire. If he knows that he has a lousy phone then he should have tried to take countermeasures, like sending you multiple messages just in case it didn't get through, or texting you in advance to tell you he won't be contactable etc.

    He's not giving you the attention nor respect you deserve. Try to be a bit more passive/disinterested and see if he tries to actively go after you again.


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  • Well you can give him the benefit of the doubt ,I'm going through the same thing he kept changing the day then it seems all like excuses I actually told him I'm moving close to him later on for college but yeah I got tired of the promises and just ignored him to me actions do speak louder than words he can promise you the world but it's all words if he does not prove himself with words ditch him ignore him and see what happens if he just keeps doing the same he's not worth your time OK . :) Good luck sweetie.