Any advise or clues?

So , we live in different cities ( 60 miles apart ) , went on our first date three weeks ago which went well with both of us affirming our desire to continue seeing each other . Now , after being in contact throughout the three weeks , we're scheduled to see a comedy gig this weekend (second date ) in my city and she has agreed to my suggestion to park her car at my flat so we could both travel on the train to the gig which starts at 8pm till 11pm . It looks to me as we are definitely going to end up back at my flat for the night .

I respect this lady to the extent I don't want to have sex with her so soon incase it might ruin things and I'm looking for a relationship not a one-off sex . Nevertheless , I wouldn't mind slight to modurate kissing and intimacy . Will she be offended or think I'm not attracted to her if I don't make advances on her ? and do you think she's actually prepared for sex ? Thanks


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  • I think your idea of holding out for sex is great and she will definitely appreciate this. Unless she's in it for just the sex and that's most likely not the case. In my opinion, I don't think she'll be offended in fact I think she'll be flattered. Just make sure you let her know you had a great time afterwards.


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  • I don't think you have to worry about her reaction to not wanting to go so fast. Let's say she was prepared for sex that night. As you are open to kissing her and touching, she would know that you he like her and find her attractive. If you explained why you don't think you should have sex yet she might be disappointed but she probably would find that refreshing. She is bound to respect you for it. If she was angry about that, she is probably not the right person for you.