He's curious about me but said he wasn't looking for a relationship?

This guy that I'm sort-of dating (because he's allergic to the word dating) said he was curious about getting to know me better and know more about me on our first date. In the next breath, he said that he wasn't looking to get into a relationship because he just got out of one a few months ago.

He also said he wasn't the type of guy that hooks up with a girl or has casual sex.

Why did he say he was curious about me but, at the same time, not looking for a relationship and also not a hook up type?

What does he want from me?


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  • sounds like he wants a relationship but only after you've proven you're not shady

    • Oh. I didn't even think of it that way.

    • yup. imho there's no such thing as hypocrisy or contradictions, only multiple layers behind what someone is thinking/feeling.

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