Kissing now or later?

So my boyfriend (first one ever) and I have known each other for almost three years and have been dating for four months. Well I made a vow to myself and understands and agrees with it. I made a vow that my first kiss would be the one on my wedding day. He is totally fine with this. But as our love has grown stronger and stronger I have been having more and more of a temptation to kiss him. I know some might not agree with waiting until marriage which is totally fine. It is just something I have decided to do. But now I have a question. How do I risist the temptation to kiss him. I have told him my problem and he is willing to helo me and keep me accountable.


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  • I think that's so awesome! I would have loved the first person I kissed to be my husband, I'm saving my virginity for marriage. I know that when you first start liking a person sometimes you think again and perhaps rethink some of the things you had wanted. You probably feel most venerable right now, and feel like changing your decision, but now is when you should try to be strong! You know what you want and you have a boyfriend who is willing to help you keep on track! you can also talk to your friends and ask them to keep you on track and help you! There is nothing wrong with your choice, or your temptations, just having a support system will help you to resist temptation and remember your goals! Good luck!


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  • You got to stay out of all situations where it could happen. Avoid those times being alone and in close physical contact.

    • That would be really hard. We watch movies together (never in the dark) and sit next to each other. Being alone part is not that hard. We actually enjoy it when my little sister comes and hangs out with us whether playing videogames, whatching movies or what ever. Do we have to avoid being in close contact?

    • If you are going to fight every biological urge you have and seemingly will be emotionally upset if you break this vow you've made to yourself...then, yes.

    • Hm OK ya I get that. I will try but it will be really hard.

  • Thats a tough one. you just have to remind yourself why you want that whenever you feel an urge.

    please answer mine tittled what did my mum mean?


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