Can a man really want you to text him everyday?

We have been dating for 5 mths. He is extremely busy. When asked if he really wanted me to text him every day so he's involved in my life even though he can't respond or spend as much time as he wants with me, he said it's important to him and yes he does want me to text every day. He already said yes to my reassurances that he still wants a relationship with me. When we are intimate, he asks me if he is hurting me and says he doesn't want to hurt me. He tells me I'm beautiful. There are days he will text or I will, but mostly me. However, it's exhausting to me to text every single day. I wasn't sure if he was testing me or if he really does want me to keep him "in the know" since we can't always spend time together. He is responsive whenever I text.


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  • Yes. This isn't exactly abnormal. If he wants to stay in contact with you daily it's a great sign, especially if he has a busy life. Most guys use that excuse to not text or talk all the time. If you're tired of being the one to initiate contact then bring it to his attention. Communication is a two way street and relationships tend to fall apart without it. There has to be some level of balance, it should never be 60/40, or 80/20 in terms of anything in a relationship.

    • Thanks, but I guess I made it easy for him to not have to make the effort even though I was being considerate of his busy schedule. I womder if there is still a chance at a successful relationship. we have't met friends or family but think we need more time to get to know each other as we approach 5 mths.


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  • Just curious as to what his first name is. He sounds so much like the guy I'm dating in so many ways.

  • he's full of sh*t! if the burden is ONLY on you to text him, he is using you for his ego and doesn't care as much. he sounds like this guy I was dating for a long time. he would be blowing up my phone and then ignore me for days and not answer my last question, so I would not text him and he would get mad at me for not texting him..but he was the one to f***ing ignore me!

    • If I text him, he will reply. However, he does initiate texts with me as well, just not as often.