Who should pay for a date when the girl intiates the activity?

I have been dating this guy for 4 weeks now. He has taken me out four times. Two times where he took me out to lunch (he paid) and two times here he invited me to come to his campus organization where he didn't have to pay. I invited him to go bowling with me and feel that because I initiated it I should pay. What is the protocol now-a-days as to who pays in these situations? I personally don't think the guy should always have to pay just because he is a guy. I just don't want it to be awkward when we get there.


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  • I would say a friendly thing like,

    "Don't worry, it's on me."

    Or split the bill.

    Either or it's fine.

    Any person whether they are paying or not should come prepared with cash just in case.


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  • He's willing to spend money on you, why not spend some money on him? It's not like it costs a boatload of money to go bowling anyway. There needs to be more women like you. in the world.


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  • I guess you should.