Guys, what are some reasons that a date wasn't what it turned out to be?

lol I want to hear your horrible date stories and more interestingly, what are the reasons that you have used to filter out a girl as not being good enough to go out with you? You may remain anonymous if you wish...I'm just curious what reason there may be because one of my friends who dates a lot seems to be having trouble find a bf, so I thought maybe this would be a helpful question. You may list whatever trivial reasons or understandable traits that you found were deal breakers...thanks ;*)


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  • One horrible date story was when I was in high school, it obviously started badly because we went to the movies to see the Grudge 2. Back then I didn't do well with horror movies, and it didn't help with her seeing me freaking out. There was even 13 year old kids sitting behind us, and one of em said "I see who wears the pants in this relationship". It didn't get much better that night.

    Obviously I learned from that and know what girls look for in a guy for the most part, and in general I do better :P

    And for filtering girls out? As shallow as it is, I hate to say of course it's the looks, but that's just my biology and I don't apologize for it. But that's just initial attraction, if she can't smile, contribute to a conversation, is timid, I book it out of there.

    Like I said, I can be shallow but if her looks are her best asset, she isn't worth it. Does that kind of make sense? Message me if you wanna know more.

    • Thanks. it's just for my friend so I won't be messaging you. but it's helpful for her to read this


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  • I have a bar at how good looking a girl has to be, because no one wants to go out with someone that they just don't want to look at right? Then as I get to know them better they become either more or less attractive. I definitely like a girl that can contribute to an intelligent conversation, but at the same time can be a little crazy and have fun with me. She also has to do a sport, because I love to exercise especially to clear my head, and I like to work out with others.

  • Girls who talk about their ex's.

  • girls who talk about their dogs too much


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