How to tell your friend they are being stupid?

She is older than me and was married over a decade. She didn't date much before getting married and is worse than a teenager in how she acts around guys. Plus she keeps meeting em in shady places like cl and those messenger aps. She litterally posta she is "in love" and in a relationship on fb BEFORE the second date. The guys she meets just use her and she gives it up within a couple hours since they were kind enough to take her on a date.

Normally I wouldn't care, but she has these guys around her kids by the second day and tries to make them a family immediately. The kids of course get attached. And the guys keep her at arms length until they are tired of using her for a booty call foe the most part.

She keeps getting hurt and going to even worse guys within a wek or so of convincing her that if they don't call you for two weeks you are done. Just don't know what to do.


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  • be honest and talk

    If she's being an idiot. Tell her.

    She probably is already aware of her bad behavior anyway.

    She like chaos

    • No she thinks its perfectly acceptable

    • well than she might be in her own world

      I suppose you can be a good friend and let her make her own amusement ride

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