How do you define a "serial dater"?

Which one do you think is the threshold for defining someone as a serial dater?

Is meeting as many people for coffee or one drink a serial dater?


Does going out on a dinner date one time with many people make someone a serial dater?


You really aren't a serial dater unless you go on several dates with many people?


Someone's not really a serial dater unless they go on several dates and start a relationship with one person after another after another and they just won't commit and just keep having many very short relationships?


someone who just dates long enough to hook up with someone and then moves to the next is really when someone becomes classified as a serial dater?

  • It would have to be short term relationship after relationship to make someone serial dater
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  • 1 coffee or one drink with person after person would make someone a serial dater
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  • 1 Dinner date with person after person would make a person a serial dater.
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  • Someone isn't really a serial dater unless they just date someone long enough to hook up with each person.
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  • It would have to be several dates with each person to make someone a serial dater
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  • it's when you keep dating many people at once, the type who will get involved with many people at once and be in casual relationship with all of them or keep dating/hooking up with multiple people for more than a few dates without getting into a relationship with any of them because they want to keep their options open.


    harry goes out on three dates with sally, sarah, and marcy. meanwhile he is on a first date with emma and a second date with stacey. he will juggle dating all of them but not commit to any for more than a month and keep dating other girls too. during all this time he still has a FWB, angela.

    he is just dating to have sex and have fun, not for a relationship. I think most normal non-serial dater people date someone a few times and either decide to pursue a relationship or not. if they are going on a first-second or third date with afew people in a short amount of time that's not really serial dating, but if it's going on more than three dates or still dating a few people at once for more than a few weeks, it's turning into serial dating.


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What Girls Said 4

  • i think it's people that never commit to a relationship for more than a couple months at a time. If your longest relationship is one year or less you are a serial dater.

  • I would call him a player,

    Everything is OK unless you make a girl fall for you then you leave her to go out with someone else.

    • Who would you call a player, person A)? I was asking at what point would you call someone a serial dater? If someone goes out with many people for just one drink person after person, that would be a player and with that person be a serial dater?

    • A: a person who just like to socialize

      B: a person who like to meet different kind of people

      C: a player

      D:E: (I'm leaving that one white)

      I say C is, because is just dating people after people, getting to know them. But just wanting to date new people eachtime, if you are this way I doubt you will be able to fall in love with anyone

  • D for sure.

  • I'd say D is a serial monogamist. link

    A "serial dater", I guess that would mean going on a string of first dates, one after the other, and never going for a second or third. Always out with a different person.


What Guys Said 4

  • I just think someone who dates as many people as possible is a serial dater. Like one girl I met was lying to me and we were meeting up every so often and then she literally lined up a movie date after me with another guy and lied to me saying he was just a friend(she gave off bad vibes when she mentioned him). I knew we weren't gonna work out anyway but she was extremely narcissistic and assumed everyone wanted her.

  • Someone who is always loking for a new person to date, even when they already have one or more people they contact fairly frequently, and who avoids any sort of commitment to any of the datees.

  • I have always considered serial daters as a female that dates more than one at a time.Like the web site POF. There are women's profile pictures with the pof logo which they stopped using 4 years ago or something.Anyway some have been there 9 and 10 years.So I think they serial date and just don't settle.I think I would ask for recent S T D test documentation

    before falling victim.To each their own.What ever blows their skirt up!

  • I think a girlfriend a month makes them a serial dater.