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I went out on Saturday night to a bar and was drinking quite a bit and met this guy and we were talking (other people were there and I was talking to them as well) and he put his number in my phone and called it Because his had died. There was a creep trying to talk to me so I made up a "boyfriend" so he would lay off. I don't really know of chris (the number guy heard) but he still gave me his number before he left. I don't know if he got my number because his phone was dead but should I text him. I don't really remember what he looks like so I don't know what I want and my friends are telling me to do it


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  • Same thing happened to me. I was at a party and was pretty liquored up when I got this girls number (note though I gave her mine) the next day I received a text from her asking if I wanted to meet her at the library to hang out. I will tell you I did not remember what she looked like or what not. I was about to not reply, but something inside of me told me just to go so I meet up with her and would you know it we ended up going out. So what I'm trying to say is yes text him maybe suggest you guys meet up for some coffee or something.


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  • I don't get why you would want to text a guy just because your friends are telling you to, but if you're in fact interested or at least attracted to the guy I would text him if I was you, when I do stuff like that I don't like to be like "hi, how are you" at all, I like to start a conversation by reminding the guy something that we talked about when we first met, like if we were talking about a certain topic, I would start by saying something about it so he'll respond and not feel awkward about me contacting him, and then ask him how is his day going and stuff. But seriously, don't expose yourself just by peer pressure it's totally not worth it, do it if you really enjoyed the conversation with the guy and if you think he's interesting enough to have a conversation with him again.