Why does she always pull this shit?

MY best friend is like a sister to me I love her tons and we've known each other for about 9 years. Now she is dating my brother. Lately I've been noticing she acts very stuck up and she has a know it all attitude. Every time I say something she says something to counteract it and always has something to say about everything. There is something I don't like about my best friend and its how throughout our whole long friendship whenever she has a boyfriend she is gone and that person is her whole life she only starts talking to me again when they have problems or she needs me to cheer her up after their breakup. But yet she thinks she is the best at balancing her relationships with her friends and there have been many times I told her this and we have stopped talking for a while but she still doesn't get it what do I do. I really don't want to lose her as a friend but she makes me feel used.


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  • Wow that stinks. I don't know why people date their friends siblings. I mean I could understand sex but not dating. It really screws up relationships. I have no prior experience but I would guess that she might be talking to your brother about you or vice versa. She is obviously treating you differently because she is viewing you differently. This is a problem with her not with you. It's probably not a problem with your brother either, he is probably just being himself.

    As for the part about her always becoming about the 1 person and forgetting about you, well, that seems to happen to a lot of people. She will learn down the road that not everyone waits around. One day she'll come back and no one will be waiting.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should tell her. She gets wrapped up in a guy and when it doesn't work she looks for you to bail her out. Call her out on it when she tries to out say something. Just ask her point blank right then when she does it, just say why are you acting this way? It will put her on the spot. That will shut her up.