The girl I like is dating a guy out of town. Advice?

The girl I've liked for over a year now just began dating a guy from another town. Should I just move on? How long do these out of town relationships usually last compared to those who date within the same school? THank you


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  • Forget her for now. I'm guessing she's around your age? Yea she won't be marrying that guy so don't worry lol

    Just forget her for now, and in the future if she's single again, try to reconnect with her. Aka in your 20's. Weather it be late or early 20's. As of right now, let her figure herself out.

    • Thanks, there is one other girl I've had my eye on, maybe ill try her instead

    • there you go. lol

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  • There's no "out of town relationships don't last as long in 90% of the cases", nobody can say that just randomly. It depends on the people, how much they love each other and how much effort they want to make to stay together and all that. Best thing is to move on, she's dating someone else now and waiting for her when you don't even know her feelings for you seems a shame and a bit waste of time and emotion (I don't mean to sound rude though). I suggest you move on but maybe keep her in the back of your mind, if/when they break up, you could give her time to get over it and maybe something can happen later on.


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  • Depends on the people. There's very few set rules. But one that applies to you is--if she's dating some guy who isn't around much, lives quite a distance away, etc--she'll be much easier to steal, if it's possible. She might not be the sort that CAN be stolen away. But if she is, it'll be easier with the guy not around.