Is it ok for the person you're dating to talk and hang out with their exes?

I was curious, as long as you trust the person, do you think it's ok that the person your dating talk and hang out with their ex's?


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  • As long as they view each other platonically than I have no problem with this at all.

    • What if you new the ex still had feelings for the person your dating even though the person your dating told them they are not interested and they are seeing someone else? I haven't really said anything telling her no, because I trust her, for me until that trust is broken, she can do what she wants. Is this a bad route to go?

    • That's fine. I would, however, mention that it's not very fair for her to talk to him if he still has feelings. I just think it's better to let both people heal before attempting a friendship. My fiance and I have an agreement that if we want to be friends with our exes that both parties should be over the other before attempting friendship.

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  • Lack of trust and jealousy are ways to ruin a relationship. Personally, I act confident that there is nothing deeper going on between them. This shows my trust in her and confidence in myself.