What did he mean by he wasn't ready for commitment after kissing?

Okay so this guy is 18 and I'm 19 we went on our second date to the movies! Maybe 20 min in he put his arm around me and I started moving closer and finally put my head on his shoulder. Than he got to hot so he's like I need to remove my jacket. So I moved forward. And at first he didn't put it back until I moved my head to his shoulder again than he wrapped his arm back around me. Than we held hands afterward too, he was kinda rubbing his thumb around my hand and I had so many butterflies. Than we stayed like that at the end of the movie. There wasn't many people and they all left afterward. So he was staring at me than my lips and I had a feeling he was gonna kiss me (my first kiss) and I didn't know what to do at first so I kept looking at the credits rolling and he's like "your ways so nervous cutie" than I looked back at him and we kinda just collided. And kissed, than we backed away and I looked at him and I went in for another one than we were sitting cuddling and he's like "your great, but I'm just not sure if I'm ready for commitment yet, just with college and everything" I'm like "it's okay :) we can wait and maybe it'll happen eventually" and he's like "your just so sweet" I'm

Like "thanks" he's like" I just don't want you getting hurt, I'd feel so bad" and I'm

like it's okay, than we kissed again. And after he kissed my forehead, and on the way outta the theatre we got to the outside doors and he's like "it's just between you and me, but I really just don't know what I want yet, well keep in touch though" and he kissed my forehead again, so I had such a good time with him, but I just don't understand if he wasn't ready for the relationship, why did he kiss me? And is there like still a chance? And does he maybe just mean he wants to get to

Know me more first? And he just doesn't wanna start something he can't finish? I'm

Just confused please help!


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  • he doesn't want a relationship. he wants to play the field. move on. when a guy says he is not looking for commitment, he is not going to change his mind any time soon. if he even had some desire to have a relationship with you he would not tell you that.


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  • he doesn't want to commit to anything it sounds like he's sort of playing the field and in all honesty kinda just looking to probably have casual/physical relationships

    • He's ready to go to school and even if he does like you he is smart and doesn't want to hurt you. don't take anything to serious though because I think kissing as a super high symbol for wanting to start a relationship.

  • he is not looking for a relationship right now


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  • exactly what he said is what he meant