Why do I feel like this?

Hello, whenever my boyfriend leans in to kiss me, it feels like it's a true romantic kiss, but when I lean in first to kiss him, I feel like it doesn't mean as much. I don't feel the same way as when he kisses me. I love my boyfriend for who he is and how he treats me, but I just get a weird feeling mid-kiss when I go in for the kill. could it be that I'm insecure over making a move on him first like that? or maybe it makes me feel better when he kisses me because it's like he actually WANTS to? I'm so confused! lol


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  • you are a stereotypical girl who prefers to get more affection than you offer, girls always love to feel loved and wanted, nothing wrong with it psychologically... but it might give him a wrong notion of you not liking him as much as he likes you


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  • I can relate to this and I felt the same way..i think that your an old sole like me where the man takes the lead cause we feel that when he does it shows us how he feels and I also feel that when we go for the kill we then think why doesn't he go for the kill first doesn't he want to kiss this way to..so our mood changes to insecurity..tell him how you feel so you can have some peace of mind