Lost interest or busy? Help please.

I've been seeing a guy for a bit last time we hung out everything was fine I even met his friends. He invited me out later that week I was busy though but now I haven't seen him for five weeks. I have text him a few times and he replies and he text me before he away for work apologising for being busy but he won't be back for another week which will make it six weeks! Is he just to afraid to say he's not interested?


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  • It depends on how you behaved before telling him that you was too busy. If it was the first time then he should have let it go; however, if you've told him that you're too busy a couple of times before that or have otherwise done something to make him believe that you might be playing hard to get, then that may have been the final straw and he's reached that point at which he just can't tolerate it anymore.


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  • Does he have a job where he would truly be busy for six weeks?! that's kind of outrageous