How do you dump someone?

I've been on two dates so far with a guy. Not even 'real' dates, just hung out. I'm not really feeling it, I'm just not attracted. But I've never had the heart to dump someone. He texts me everyday and I saw him last night and that's kind of how I knew I wasn't interested.


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  • Don't lead a man on. We're weaker than we look and gyming doesn't make your heart any less fragile - not even morning cardio sessions! Tell him face to face, be direct, clear and honest. Yes it will hurt you both, but it's so much better than dragging it on and building his hopes up, only to break him down. Please just be careful with what you do next...

    I fell in love once. Was lead on. Now, can't let that happen again.


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  • just stop texting him and seeing him. If he brings up meeting up simple say no thank you.And state your not interested.. DONE !

  • Just be honest with him, tell him things aren't going to work out, that you aren't attracted to him but have a great time dating ... Don't try and twist it all because you'll end up hurting the poor fella ...


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