The idea of a date completely freaks me out..

I'm 22 I have had guys ask me on dates and I get so worked up that sometimes the idea of a date in a way turns me off the guy ( which is really annoying) .. I have never been on an actual one on one date and I do really want to give it a go but because I think to much into it like what to say, will it be awkward etc I back out. So just wondering if anyone has been there before or has tips to get over this "fear" I have ?


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  • The easiest way to get over the fear of dating is to recognize that it generally is more or less just agreeing to hang out with a random person. Everytime you go to a public social event you're basically "dating" everyone there. Same thing. Sounds like you're more interested in putting pressure on yourself through romanticized conceptualization than the reality of sitting and just chewing the fat with another perosn.

  • i'm kinda shocked by this since guys are expected to take the lead, girls are allowed to be somewhat nervous


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