Dating 3 months. Still not official.

I am 24 and the guy I am seeing is 26. We have been friends for nearly a year but started dating 3 months ago. He took me out on a number of dates. He is very very sweet and caring. We cuddle kiss and hold hands all the time. All my friends love him and he gets along really well with him too. Everything is perfect. We get along great. He used to have single on his Facebook but removed it a month or so after we started dating so it says nothing which was nice of him. We still haven't had the talk as to whether we are official girlfriend and boyfriend yet though. I don't care if it's on fb or not but would like to know as we certainly behave like we are a couple. We also have sex. Ideas? I want him to bring it up.


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  • If you're interested in having a talk about this you should bring it up. If I'm reasonably confident the girl I'm seeing and having sex with is only seeing me I'm not terribly likely to bring this up. If we are seeing each other most every weekend, if it's assumed we have a date rather than not, and if we're staying over and having sex most nights then I usually don't feel the need to have the talk so I don't bring it up. He might feel the same way.

    • We are only see not each other and see each other as much as possible. We are a couple without the title. You think he all ready sees us as official?

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    • Thanks for that :)

    • No problem. My guess is that if you bring it up he'll be totally fine going official. If he's not, that'd be a bit weird and you may want to know about that. So you should bring it up.


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  • 'i really like you. I want to spend a long time with you, & go to the beach, & go to a cabin...' seems opportune for either of you to bring up the big R. charm him to get some momentum going, might end up with a better answer.

    happy for you, sounds great. =)


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  • The only way to know is to talk to him and discuss where you are at in terms of defining your relationship.

  • So, talk to him about it.